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タイトル: 植物の糖代謝に関する研究 : 第1報 高等植物に於ける Phosphoglucomutase の分布について
その他のタイトル: The Studies on the Carbohydrate Metabolim in Plant I . The Distribution of Phosphoglucomutase in Higher Plants
著者: 森田, 幸夫
中村, 茂
伊藤, 達郎
Morita, Yukio
Nakamura, Shigeru
Ito, Tatsuro
モリタ, ユキオ
ナカムラ, シゲル
イトウ, タツロウ
発行日: 1955年
出版者: 滋賀大学教育学部
引用: 滋賀大学学芸学部紀要, 自然科学, 第4号, pp.68-75
抄録: Stadies on the Carbohydrate Metabolism in plant : I The Distribution of Phosphoglucomutase in Higher Plants. Y.Morita, S.Nakamura and T.Ito. The enzymes of the glycolysis in higher plants have not been studied so mach as in yeast and animal, except phosphorylase. The biochemical synthesis of starch or glycogen in vitro from glucose-1-phosphate by phosphorylase is done easily,but from glucose-6-phosphate by the combined reaction of phosphoglucomutase and phosphorylase is very difficult. To clear up this, we were required to get the most suitable source of plant for phosphoglucomutase and began to study the distribution of this enzyme. The results are in Table 12. From there results the suitable sources of this enzyme are broad bean is seeds and rape in leaves.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10441/4941
ISSN: 0488-6291





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