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タイトル: カンボジア経済 : 復興から成長への課題(梶田公教授退官記念論文集)
その他のタイトル: Cambodia : Constraints for Economic Reconstruction and Development
著者: 堂本, 健二
Domoto, Kenji
ドウモト, ケンジ
発行日: 1997年1月
出版者: 滋賀大学経済学会
引用: 彦根論叢, 第305号, pp. 179-196
The Hikone Ronso, No.305, pp. 179-196
抄録: This paper attempts to clarify the constraints for econornic development of Cambodia from short and long term view points. Three years and half after UNTAC operation in the country shows that reconstruction process in Cambodia has been a process to make a political compromise among people with significantly different backgrounds and ambitions. The political stability as presumption for steady economic reconstruction and growth has been getting worse and it is still difficult to give clearly a prospect about the "take-off" of Cambodian economy. However an attempt was placed on specifying conditions and constraints for further economic development to be tackled, with by major political parties and their leaders to keep up the fruits of worldwide collaboration for Cambodia in 1993.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10441/1702
ISSN: 0387-5989


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