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タイトル: Thermodynamic structure of a macroeconomic model
著者: Takuma, Tanaka
田中, 琢真
タナカ, タクマ
キーワード: CIA model
irreversibility JEL code: E37
発行日: 2018年5月
出版者: Center for Risk Research (CRR), Shiga University
引用: CRR Discussion Paper, Series A, No. A-30, pp. 1-24
抄録: This paper reports a novel mathematical structure of economic models with rational agents. Taking a cash-in-advance (CIA) model as an example, I show that macroscopic conservation and irreversibility laws, which are similar to those in thermodynamics, hold for the model. These properties allow for defining internal energy, Helmholtz free energy, entropy, and temperature. Thermodynamic relations among these quantities are also proven for the model. Possible extensions to and implications for macroeconomic models are discussed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10441/15444
出現コレクション:Series A : General( formerly : International Risk Study )


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