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タイトル: 研究ノート 手づくりを一年-国立療養所大島青松園関係史料の保存と公開と活用にむけて-
著者: 阿部, 安成
キーワード: sanatorium for Hansen’s disease
historical materials
lives of survivors
発行日: 2017年8月31日
引用: 滋賀大学環境総合研究センター研究年報, 第14巻第1号, pp. 73-84
抄録: The National Oshimaseishoen Sanatorium is a facility for Hansen's disease. From the sanatorium, established in 1909, multiple serial publications have been published since the 1930's. However, due to a lack of resources at the time of World War II, publication stopped. Under these circumstances, in 1944, a magazine was made by hand in Oshimaseishoen. It was called “SEISHOU.” It is an important text for understanding sanatoriums in the 1940s. This paper is part of the manuscript that reads through SEISHOU.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10441/15240
ISSN: 1349-1881


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